Thursday, March 13, 2014

We finally visit Harris + Hoole in Ealing

Street Art or Statement?
On Tuesday when I was in town I snapped this  image (left)  just north of  Centre Point in W1.

It's rather cool whoever did it and what ever it means are not revealed from searches.
It does trigger the thought on the ubiquity of brands and branding.

Yesterday having been and bought some stuff ahead of the erection of a small greenhouse on plot 202 we stopped of in Ealing and finally tried the 'Harris + Hoole' located in the main high street.

As pluses the service was more friendly than some of the competitors, the loyalty card a touch more generous ( 6 coffees earn you a freebie)   and the fayre a little more varied against this I would say that it is at the upper end of the branded coffee experience and it is rather poorly laid out on the ground floor  for those taking their coffee on the premises.

My other half had the hot chocolate which was quiet enjoyable for her but not as good as the more chocolate- ey (and less milky) Nero.

Would I visit again? Possibly  but it's not so different that I'd search it out.

Loss of Bob Crow

Sad that Bob Crow should die at the age of 52 - he was a great negotiator for his members and something of an anachronism in what is now a rather grey world of trade union officials.
He recently secured the right to negotiations over changes to London Transport (he knew what he was doing despite my fears).
I wish the best to his family and friends who will suffer the loss of such a sudden departure.
I don't agree  with 'that it's the way he'd want to go or whatever' but hope that his life has left something of a legacy for working people to hold to.

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