Friday, March 07, 2014

Getting a Greener Energy Provider and Getting a Greenhouse

As a volunteer Financial Capability Trainer I've assisted in half a dozen or so 'Energy Best Deal presentations to various groups in West London and I recognise that understandably people are resistant to changing their Gas and Electricity suppliers.
One of my worries was that I would not be able to rely on British Gas's Homecare servicing service if I chose a more reasonably priced energy provider - having finally (after  three or four e-mails!) got the answer that this cover would not be affected. I decided to take a look at how easy a change would be and
 used the 'Which' energy service  to look at providers as the Which service is well regarded and I had told is trustworthy.
By filling in a web form with details of energy consumption I was provided with several cheaper options including a British Gas option that would save around £160 for the year (assuming the same energy consumption), I was temporarily tempted by this 'fixed' deal but on considering it decided that  if I could get a better deal (to all intents the same Electricity and Gas would be arriving at our home) I should choose it particularly as the favoured supplier Ovo was more highly regarded by users than my present one. Ovo also has the bonus that it is a Greener' company battling the 'big-six (as we saw when the energy companies were grilled by UK parliamentarians) .
Ovo looks over £200 a year cheaper than our present deal - I've got to wait for a contract to arrive by post and the process will then start of migration to the new deal - be assured any hiccups will be reported here.

Greenhouse Purchase

One of my many bad poits is that when I've saved some money I tend to spend it (sometimes more than once but that's another story), although it's 6-8 weeks before we go onto our new energy deal I decided the time was right to take advantage of B&Q's excellent deal on a Harmony greenhouse  the model in question is selling at more than £225 at many suppliers and has good reviews - it's ordered I will have to sort out  and level a spot to erect it on but hey happy days!
The Harmony 6 x 4 Greenhouse

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