Monday, March 17, 2014

Golden Raspberry fields forever and Pubs in decline

I keep meaning to draw up a plan for plot 202 but in fact find that it organically (as you'd hope) develops.
Today I was clearing some more weeds for an area where this year I'll plant potatoes and Adrianna from an adjacent plot very kindly  proffered half a dozen Yellow/Golden  raspberry bushes - I had an area almost clear next to the raised Strawberry bed and it seemed custom made for this  soft fruit so they're in and hopefully in a few months will be producing some tantalizing  fruit.

Walpole Park

I know that town centres get redeveloped but it seems odd to see tractors and builders adjusting a local park. 
Here in Ealing Walpole Park one of the biggest parks in the area that is the  home to both Ealing Jazz and
Is this what happens to Public Parks? 
comedy festivals each summer is having a makeover.
The change is planned and mapped out to deliver a functional 'space', as we move out of the most recent economic downturn it's good to see new buildings going up and areas being brought back to life but do we need a more organic approach?

The Kent

And it's not just the Councils and Government who transform our shared spaces.

30 years or so ago when I was  new to London life West Ealing's Kent Public House was a pub where you could go for a pint and on some occasions there'd be a Jazz band playing, Fast Forward to today and  it's still called a Public House and is doing well - but now there's no smoking and certainly no live Jazz music  now it's more like a themed restaurant than a place to get drunk.
When we went on Sunday evening there were plenty of people
Used to be a 'local'
 eating and you could still get a pint but it's clear the direction of travel for this and  for many pubs is towards  the licensed eatery trade and when  the journey's complete  the historic link with the Hogarth-ian Pubs with their Drunks and Harlots will be gone  forever and the warmth and revelry will be replaced with function and value - perish the day.

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