Sunday, March 02, 2014

More seeds set & Stop the Naming of the August Bank Holiday as Margaret Thatcher Day

Seed selection
Today I've got round to sowing some further seeds and transplanting the Iceberg lettuces sown a couple of weeks back.

I reckon unless we have a prolonged period of drier weather there could be a challenge in getting things growing on the allotment
Today the sowing has been Peppers (Sweet California Wonder), Broccoli, Lemon Grass and  Cabbage (Golden Acre- Primo) the room where the seed trays are housed  is  beginning to get a little congested and April will be another month of starting things off.
Hopefully next week or so I will plant some peas outside in modules with a view to planting out soon.

Thatcher Bank holiday?

It was news to me that the late August bank holiday is going to be used to commemorate Margaret Thatcher - I'm not a fan of hers but regardless of this even if I was I do not consider it a sensible step to start to make such national days partisan in this way - if you agree that this is a step too far sign the petition against this strange idea.
Surely some mistake?

[I had to go and double check this as it does seem so very odd and I think it has not really been debated the way it should - it is true!]

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