Saturday, March 01, 2014

Recognition at last - Picture of the Week & Ealing Police

My published photo'
Yesterday morning I was looking at the local newspaper (The Ealing Gazette) over my breakfast and thought ‘oh that photo looks like one I took’  I then realised it was the one I had taken and submitted - quite nice to see it published and odd that my first thought was it looks like.

Please note if you see the picture in the paper I am not responsible for the slightly cheese-y wording that goes with it.

I suppose that although I know that it's not for a prize or that it's anything big it is slightly odd that they didn't let me know that they'd be using the picture - I'd submitted the picture by e-mail  so a simple reply would have done the job.

Stopped but not searched

On Friday evening unusually I went to  a fairly local pub The Plough to meet up with a small group of people, I only had a pint and around 10:30 pm I left to walk home, just beyond Northfields Station a police car drew up to me and one of the guys in the car asked me where I'd been and to see my hands - it was all handled in a polite manner - but unusual I was told I answered the description of someone they were after - not sure
West Ealing Pub
about what they'd have seen on my hands?

Odd that after so many years I should get stopped by the police but no harm done to me or my view of the local force.

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