Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gravitational Waves & News of My Energy Provider Change Process

Recent news that evidence of Gravitational Waves found as part ofd the BICEP2 Project  has actually got as far as the mainstream media, I mentioned recently that I had watched a BBC Horizon programme about doubts around the Big Bang and what had happened before it.

Gravitational waves can be considered as ripples through space-time and are made by the motion of anything massive through space. when you throw a ball into a pond the ripples created will move away from the point of impact and bounce around the pond’s surface. These gravitational waves can be thought of similarly, but instead of rippling across a surface, they propagate at the speed of light through 3-dimensional space. They are theorized to be generated by the collisions of black holes and are thought to have been generated in abundance by the inflationary period just after the Big Bang around 13 billion years ago.

The Guardian offers some explanation of the idea which goes back to Albert Einstein here.

The concept of Gravitational Waves is part of the Inflation/Big Bang Theology and those who have seen this news as confirmation of their beliefs include Stephen Hawking.

And here's a video

Moving to Ovo

Following my own kicking off of the process to move to a cheaper energy provider I have in the last week received from Ovo indication of the mechanics and a provisional changeover date in early April.
I have also had a phone call from our current provider (British Gas) who confirmed that the process was ongoing, they asked to say why I was changing and I explained that it was price, British Gas said they were sorry to lose me as a customer and would (with my agreement) look to see if they could match the  Ovo offer, they have not to date called me back with an improved deal.
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