Friday, March 21, 2014

Now Google Chromecast goes on sale in UK

Well it's taken a bit of time but the neat little Dongle or the back of your telly  from Google is now being made available in the UK.
The price  point at £30 is a little high when compared with Now TV box at £9.99  but very acceptable when compared with  Apple's £99  TV box .
Neat little Dongle

It's not too clear what it offers content-wise that will make it difficult to resist but Google are smart cookies and I expect they'll address this one way or another.
The arrival will though along with Roku's streaming stick drive move more UK viewers away from their 'boring' conventional linear TV routine  to the 'a la carte' delights of an easy to view IP TV life.
Here's the video showing the joys of Chromecast ...
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