Sunday, March 16, 2014

Greening the Vale, HHG2TG along with Mentoring, fixing and progressing..

Greening the Vale is a video produced by the Alan Miller and is one of many productions supporting  the goals of the UK 'Transition project' this onbe coming out of the Vale of Eveaham .
It's a really nicely shot and edited (by former ITN cameraman Mike Coe)  and highlights some of the environmental issues that can get overlooked by the mainstream media - if you get a chance take a look, you'll learn about  the possibility of vastly reducing your carbon footprint and see the  pleasure that locally produced food  can bring.

BBC RADIO 4 EXTRA REPLAYS Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy  

I would not describe myself as either  a science fiction fan or someone who likes 'fantasy' entertainment but I do consider the work of Douglas Adams very highly, his early death has robbed us of some great amusing and insightful writing.
What a treat it is for Radio 4 Extra to provide a 36th year anniversary rerun of the series that brought him to the publics attention?
To me it still sounds fresh and modern - and there are some great jokes like the  'I wish I'd listened to my mother' from episode 2.
What I found curious about Douglas was his near obsession in getting the story transferred to film, the idea that even with a mega budget such a complex and engaging story could be realised is a 90 minute Hollywood Blockbuster seemed naive and counter intuitive - it's a cliche that Radio has the best pictures but in the caser of HHG2TG  a true one.

What gives us satisfaction.

The idea of doing something for nothing (no monetary reward) can sometimes seem odd, let's face it the rules of business are often summed up by phrases like 'Time's money' or 'What can we charge them?'.
Well now think back to your life in school which I'm hoping was not always miserable or bad - so specifically think back to time you enjoyed it could be on the Sports Field, in the laboratory or (hold your breath) in a class - well some of it was fun wasn't it?

So why was it fun? Did something click, were you pleased with some painting you'd done or just the sheer pleasure of running along with a ball at your feet?

Fast forward a number of years and you're employed - yes even here we can have pleasure - but is in connected with monetary reward, probably not it's perhaps helping someone or solving a problem or doing a task to your own satisfaction.

In fact I heard or read somewhere that one of the problems with work is that rewards are often stated as 'compensation packages', you're being compensated for giving up your time to do something you don't want to do with a bunch of other people who you might not choose to be with.

Well what I would say is 'If you can, do what makes you happy.' and hopefully it's a positive thing (however that's defined!)

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