Saturday, March 03, 2007

bid for the kids

BBC and YouTube
The announcement that BBC has done a content deal with YouTube provides a level of credibility to the site it could only have dreamt of a year or so ago, it’ll be interesting to see if Joost can pull any similar rabbit from its’ hat as the battle rages on Video content on your PC.
The BBC feels that it has a problem with the young who are not watching/listening to enough of aunties’ content and as a result the current DG (Director General) Mark Thompson has been promoting a ‘Martini vision’ not blurred by the drink but taking a concept from the drink advert so loved by Hoodies all over the nation –Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere etc.
I think the BBC has to start looking at what it’ll be post the licence fee but not sure that this is the way to go.
Sale of Stuff
I'm still offloading items on Ebay that I wonder why I bought. here's the latest - plenty more to come over the weeks ahead.

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