Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Brown socks it to them

Interesting budget
So it was good to see Gordon taking the wind out of the oppositions sails during today’s set piece in the House of Commons, it’s easy to snipe at what ten years of labour rule has achieved but there are some real gains for the average family and running the country is a management issue.
The agenda is now moving on and my feeling is that people are beginning to understand that the money the government spends is ‘our’ money and that there is a balance to be struck between incentives and protecting the weakest in our society.
Investment in education is a necessity if we’re to continue to enjoy the comforts we currently experience – I’m not sure how good Gordon would/will be as a Prime minister but it would be churlish to deny his success as a long serving chancellor of the exchequer and his part in ensuring that Labour are not only electable but also re-electable.
As we settle into the new millennium it’ll be interesting to see how Thatcher’s children adjust to middle age and quality of life issues
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