Monday, March 19, 2007

Twitter and Twits


Have you heard about twitter? It’s rumoured to be the next big thing with a rapidly expanding user base apparently it’s somewhere between a blog and IM/sms text now I can see that it may appeal to youngsters but for me it sounds like another way to waste time crossed with a slightly spooky stalking element – if you think differently let me know and I’ll perhaps give it a go.

OFCOM’s other worry….Is Sky and Freeview.

Sky announced what might have been spoiling tactics for Virgin Media (formerly NTL) on Valentine’s day, the threat could lead to Sky leaving Freeview and a new generation of STBs to puzzle Joe Public – how will the increasingly beleaguered OFCOM deal?

Now I’ve previously been a fan of the way Sky have conducted their business, audacity has been their byword, but they might need to learn the taste of humble pie, there’s a real danger that their 17.9% share of ITV is going to be ruled out of court, that their loss of audience due to the lack of a deal with cable could affect their advertising rates on Sky News and Sky 1, 2 and 3 and now they might suffer from Freeview snubbing them.

With the BBC’s free satellite package not too far off and bigger bills for Football things are not looking quite as good as they did a couple of months back, a few compromises and a little less testosterone might be called for.

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