Thursday, March 15, 2007

and it's not even started yet

News that the Digital switchover is not so far off is likely to start a wave of apathy going across the UK , the actual first switch off of a region is not until leaves are dropping off the trees in October, at around £20 a go I can't really believe too many people can’t afford a digital receiver, the problem could be that all this talk of digital gets people expecting HD where there’s no strategy in place to deliver particularly on terrestrial. (And of course the BBC is lobbying like crazy). Now if all the coverage was as bright as this it wouldn't be boring at all.

Door to door youngsters

Now I don’t know about where you live but out here every few months we get a young person at our door complete with ID card and a bag of over priced tat – now I’ve ‘donated a couple of times but the dish cloths/tea towels etc are pretty awful (and over priced) if they had something worthwhile it’d be a satisfactory transaction rather than one where both parties are uncomfortable because it looks like charity – how about it whoever organises this stuff?

Thursday is health day

Weight: 11st 2lbs that’s a further 2lb loss

Blood pressure: 127/85 up on last week - need to try and get this lower & there are some tips here worth looking into.

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