Monday, March 05, 2007

Tea and Sympathy

ITV Play

I’ve been following the fortunes (or not) of ITVPlay for some time and am intrigued by news that an audit is to be performed by ITV on this and other premium rate call ins that the broadcaster is promoting, the timing is odd but the intention is good.


More amusing is the news that Virgin are going to try and get some resolution in the hyped up drama over being ‘forced’ into dropping Sky channels (1,2 3 News and Sports News), I have some sympathy with Rupert’s little boy James that Richard is not playing fairly but if Sky acted a bit less like the classroom bully it wouldn’t have come to this.


A charity you might be interested in is which is doing important work against the inhuman regime in Iran is called Iran Liberty .This stuff matters please don’t ignore the people of Iran who are being denied freedom.


I’ve found where to get Lipton’s green tea (in fact it is actually TCHAE Oriental Spice Green Tea) it tastes really lovely not at all bitter and is meant to be very good for you.

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