Sunday, March 18, 2007

and the future of supermarket check out staff

Tesco want you to be your own cashier? Or 'Every little ** helps itself '.

Now I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Tesco, much as I feel about McDonalds I really admire the way the business is run and feel that many of the whingers who attack (both of) the organisation don’t fully get it. McDs is far from being intrinsically evil and caters for a desire in an efficient and reasonable manner as is Tesco’s; let’s face it they dealt with their recent petrol contamination issue in an exemplary fashion. But (and it’s a medium sized but) what is this idea that I was confronted with in my local Tesco Metro where you act as your own cashier and then pay with notes and coins through slots – I reckon it’s taking self service a bit too far and as identified here and also here might lead to further shrinkage.


Having started out rationing the number of people exposed to the then labelled 'Venice Project Joost have started another mini push sending reminders to the current beta trialists that they can send 2 invites to people who’ve got along fine and dandy without knowing much about this hyped up waste of bandwidth (I’ve passed on my two invites and’ll be interested in the reaction from those lucky folks).

Broadcast regulation

I tend to agree with today's Mail on Sunday article that OFCOM need waking up to the fact that as well as all their ' blue sky' thinking and generally patting themselves on the back they should actually indulge in a bit of regulation – however they squirm around they’ve been negligent on the matter of premium call TV and left it too much to ICSTIS who are not staffed at the level (numbers and calibre) to deal with this.

Great Site from Stumbled on

If you're interested in writing or how William Burroughs and David Bowie have used chance, take a look at this one.

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