Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Digital Radio- shifting sands

Following a review I did some time back on a WiFi radio I’ve been having an interesting dialogue with Jake, Jake has rightly pointed out that not all digital audio compression system are created equal, as you’d expect the newer ones are better but require more oomph, in terms of clever processing when compressing and decompressing the signal.

Now Jake reckons that the modern algorithms are 5 times better (which I do question on many levels) but he has also pointed me at a website that warns that old DAB radios will not be able to cope with the newer signal due in a few years time, if this gets out I can imagine some bad feeling, it’s taken some time for Digital radio to get as far as it has; the number of radio sets deployed in the UK is enormous (we’ve got at least 10 between us in this household), no switchover to Digital Radio has been announced – if new standards are going to appear every couple of years I’ll stick with my old FM.

Cockney rhyming slang?

Sad to hear of Gareth Hunt’s death, he’ll be remembered for the old Coffee hand shake and New Avengers but I did briefly meet him at an RTS (technical) function I organised 4 or 5 years ago not really sure what his interest was but he seemed a pleasant cove and 65 is too young to go.

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