Friday, March 30, 2007

ITV sport - hope it's not an own goal

It’s a bit of a coup for ITV/Setanta to secure the FA soccer deal, it sends a clear signal that ITV will spend on content but I hope that Michael Grade has done the sums and they add up it hasn’t come cheap.
Encouraging news on the writing to your MP front I’ve had a good and speed response from Stephen Pound on my worries over Zimbabwe please consider the situation there and if you can do something towards highlighting the issue please do.
There are three worldwide situations that I am particularly concerned with (the other two being Iran and Somalia), the difference is that in Zimbabwe a large section of the country’s people want change and I believe that it is our responsibility to at least lobby for a removal of Mugabe.

On a more trivial note it's good to also have a fast response from Tesco who have written to confirm that they’ll look into the missing cashew nuts.

Comedy review

Today’s Times review of the Goth detectives paints a similar picture to mine (I hope) but I think is more charitable on the support acts than it needs to be.
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