Thursday, March 29, 2007

Comedy gig

No post last night 'cos I was out having fun (apart from the bus journey which I'll recount when I'm in a more whingey frame of mind).

So it’s a long while since we’ve been to the Royal Albert Hall and I’d forgotten what a brilliant building it is, the occasion was the Teenage Cancer Trust comedy benefit led by Noel Fielding and Russell Brand as the Goth Detectives, they were more than funny and there was a really good vibe when they were on stage together, the Space Hopper game and turning a normal guy into a Goth were two of the highlights for me, I was though less impressed with the supports, Chris Addison struggled manfully but looked a little lost and out of his Radio 4 comfort zone, Stewart Lee I found mildly unpleasant with a prolonged attack on Joe Pasquale (Stewart get over it/write some new material) which seemed to sit rather oddly with the spirit of the evening. Matthew Holness's comic creation of a folkie guitarist was promising but perhaps not in tune with the nature of such a large scale occasion. The gig though overall as a great event with the chance to see Russell Brand at the top of his game before he either becomes a Movie star or doesn’t. Here's an example of the 'boys' working together.