Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Play no more

ITV Play has gone – its due to replaced by ITV2+1 (a channel that is a 1 hour delay of ITV2), the story is that this is a result of a 'Spectrum review' it seems that the channel is a holding operation and given time a commercially supported channel will fill the Freeview, cable and DSAT slot, now I’ve said before that the channel should go to an ITV news perhaps with other factual content, but it seems Movies is a possible, which could irritate its partner Sky.

ITV is saying that the audit carried out on Play was positive but presumably they don’t think that a participation channel fits into its bouquet or is not worth the hassle and damage to the ITV brand as a whole.

Pester calls

I missed a call today ah I thought at least they haven’t withheld the number, I googled the number and found that it was likely to be someone trying to do me a deal on my mobile, thank goodness I missed it and perhaps someone can stop these intrusive timewasters?

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