Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And it gets worse for Sky

Ofcom to look at Pay TV

Hot on the heels of the issues sky has already been facing is the news that OFCOM are going to be looking at the UK pay TV business in a move triggered by their competitors BT Vision, Virgin Media (the former NTL cable business), Top up TV and sports pay TV operator Setanta, this is just what Sky does not need, they’d be wise to come to an accommodation with Richard Branson’s outfit at the very least. Any move to seriously dilute the dominance of Sky is likely to severely undermine their business across all platforms including broadband and their stated aim to enter the terrestrial market with a pay proposition.

It’s an unholy alliance who each have their own agenda but can unite against Sky, Sky needs to pick off the biggest in the gang and spread a little dissent in the camp.

Europeans cousins moving into digital radio

In a sure sign that there are downsides to being early adopters on a national scale the news from our French Cousins is that they are backing a few horses in the steeplechase that is replacement of analogue radio – read a little about a UK company that is keeping across the cheese eating surrender monkey’s strategy here

Brain going?

If I hadn't lost it I would have told you last week that it was Brain Awareness Week; sorry I'm late but the advice is probably still pertinent.

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