Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mortgage free -free at last

Something that I’m noticing is how old media (particularly newspapers) is really getting to grips with the internet –The Daily Mail has now jumped on this particular bandwagon and is making much of its 24 hour type updating of news.

Mortgage free

After a little over 20 years and having more than doubled the amount we originally borrowed can announce a monthly mortgage payment is a thing of the past we’re mortgage free– Cheers!


So one week on and blood pressure now 126/82 (last week 132/76) which puts me (just) in the ‘Pre Hypertension’ slot, I’ve stopped crisps (lots of salt) and sweet biscuits, no booze since Sunday and am trying to increase exercise/walking.

Here are some tips on reducing blood pressure beside the one I heard yesterday use the stairs when you can (as opposed to lift/elevator/escalator)

And the weight is now 11st 5lbs (down a pound since last week).

Following reports on Vitamin supplements will stop these when current supply runs out but will continue with cod liver oil as nits meant to be good for joints.

I will take a look at health shops at w/e to see what may help me and having tried Green tea this week (which I found very pleasant) it could be on my shopping list.

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