Sunday, March 25, 2007

What I had for dinner..

The purpose of blogs

I overheard someone talking about blogs (somewhat disparagingly) saying that they were not interested to read about what someone had for dinner, well last night as it was bit cold we decided we fancied one of those bags of stuff marked meal for two which leading supermarkets do in a variety of types (e.g. Chinese, Thai, Indian etc.), now this week we were at Sainsbury’s which is not quite as bad as some of the large supermarkets and where we can make our gesture to the environment by leaving a load of old plastic in a large skip for recycling. The downside of our visit was that they didn’t have a Chinese ‘take-away’ meal for two, so we went to Tesco on the way back who did so we purchased a Chinese Menu C meal for 2 now it was fine (but be careful on the salt in these types of food) and dandy but minus the Cashew nuts so I’ve written and will see how they respond.


The other highlight of the weekend was a visit to Richmond where I hit Uiqlo which is a clothes shop I really like, I’ll be putting some old clothes in the charity bag to try an d keep to my concept of minimising accumulation as I got Jeans, shirt and T-shirt. Also in Richmond where we saw Sir Trevor who was obviously out and about getting the Sunday papers, some years ago (at least 4) I went for an exceedingly good meal at the Royal Festival Hall with amongst others Sir Trevor, he seemed and still seems a nice chap and does not appear exceedingly burdened by his fame or wealth. After such excitement a meal at Wagamama may seem a an anticlimax but again it’s somewhere with a good buzz so it worked well on a lazy spring Sunday

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