Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mind, body and soul

Horticultural musings
Visited the Capel college advice evening at Gunnersbury Park, folks there seemed very pleasant and it’s something I may look into further.
A bookmoocher e-mailed me today after a Julian Barnes book A History of The World in 10 ½ Chapters, he’s a great writer so I’m more than happy to pass the book on Bookmooch is one of those activities that seems to come in waves and getting rid of a book that’s been read is quite satisfying in that as well as passing a book on to a good use it enables you to get another from a massive selection.
Thanks for the postcard Shaun, goodness knows what you’re up to.

Oh yes and health have stopped the Vitamin tablets but still on the cod liver oil
Weight 11st 2lbs (that's steady)
Blood pressure 121/86 (a slight drop)

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