Thursday, March 08, 2007

poor old five

Channel 5 poor results and quiz trouble

So after ITVs results the figures coming out of RTL controlled Channel Five really do look bleak audience down costs up and advertising down too, without some serious work this looks like a bad case to me, perhaps if Sky is forced out of ITV it could bring fresh life to the brand otherwise it’s looking like a raft of average US material with a couple of strong shows (CSI is the one that springs to mind), these could easily be lost in a bidding war.

To top it all they’re suspending their questionable quiz shows while checks are run after wrongdoing was revealed.

Recruitment companies
Now I had particularly annoying experience with a recruitment agency who before an interview in France told me that my expenses would be paid, I turned down the job offer and never got my money, for that reason please be careful if you are approached by Progressive Recruitment. Imagine then my surprise to learnt that agencies who often do as little as forward CVs and arrange an interview can get between 15% and 25% of your first years salary, probably even more shocking is the finders fee that companies routinely offer to staff when they suggest a suitable candidate.

Stumbled upon

I heard about ‘stumbled upon’ today (Leo Laporte and co raving about it on net@night) – it’s a web 2.0 venture I’ve installed it and will let you know what I think in a couple of days.

And Thursday is heath day

Nearly a week of Green Tea, less booze, no crisps, no chocolate bars and it’s all coming good.
Weight11st 4lbs (down another pound)
Blood pressure 115/77 (looking fine)

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