Thursday, November 03, 2016

Moving on and awards (oddly Yellow)

So as 'regular' readers will know after a year I've finished my '365 Project' (you can see the outcome here).
Old Sew and So's - A caption and image  that's about ageing 

I have now  to put together an exhibition that I'm co-curating in Ealing  with Helen Trevisiol Duff -which will be (for me) largely about that past year.

Another person I've been in contact with, this time through BEAT (the ultra well organised Naomi Healy ) pointed me at an Award that I could potentially apply for  (here it is - I got in just at the wire yesterday) - I would put myself as an outsider but putting together some supporting information and formulating words around what I'd like to do next was really useful for me (and worth the £10).

As the application calls for some images - I've had to look through quite a few photographs I've taken to decide which ones support my  stated aims - it felt difficult to decide and to consider that they 'stood up'.

The other thing that this and other activities follow  me saying out loud what I'm going to do.

 Now it's out there other people will be asking me 'how's it going? '  and have you thought about this? - I recall reading that the guy (Sir Tim Smit)  behind the famous Eden Project used this to motivate him.

No Fracking Way - Another Yellow image 

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