Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Technology enables communication and making cards

Wet weather 
Sadly today will be our last full day at Bond Street W5 Pop Up.

Interesting conversations and connections have been made over the last 12 or so days, a few yesterday and  one of my favourite encounters on a rainy Monday was with a Chinese visitor, a gentleman who spoke very little English.

With the help of his Apple phone I learnt that he liked landscapes (via translation 'App') and I think he kindly invited me to visit!
I don't know what happens if I call?

He showed me lots of clips of a time lapse variety he'd made during his trip and he also had impressive accessories with him.


It's not far now and I'm sure children will be getting excited...


Helen who has been sharing the exhibition space has encouraged me to look at creating cards (not Christmas ones though)  for sale - am finding it not as easy as it might look - size, colour and contrast all challenging will try autumn things like below.

Small translations require something different 

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