Friday, November 25, 2016

Welcoming at New Home of the Design Museum (Kensington High Street)

A fair description - early days
Well as I said earlier to Deyan (Sudjic)  as I welcomed visitors to the Design Museum  'Congratulations to all involved in the project to move the Design Museum to it's exciting new home@.

It's only day 2 so there are some little teething problems but visitors were tolerant to the hassles caused by new technology and wonderfully  high visitor numbers.

I wasn't able to visit all that was there - like the Fear and Love (a somewhat Dystopian peek into the future) or the over 80 strong designs of the Year area at level -1 but I saw crowds passing through the Free areas of Designers in Residence along with  Designer Maker User (both on level 2).

Users can become future ..


It was nice too to see some   familiar faces from the Shad location  in the Visitor experience team and Paolozzi's  Head of Invention out front.

Famous Head of Invention

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