Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Christmas cards and a UWL talk

Ha Ha - away from the tyranny of all things RED - (but if you've got 20 minutes or so take a look here or at the bottom of the page).

Christmas cards

A selection inside

The Way in

Ealing's 'per-annual' and annual  Christmas Card Shop opened yesterday and nice to see something that's been running for over 30 years still bringing out volunteers, civic dignitaries (Steve Pound MP, Rupa Huq MP and a former Mayor all spoke) and supporters .

If you're in West London (Ealing) buy your cards here (Christ The Saviour Church)  - your supporting charities. (100% of the price paid goes the charities).

Claude Littner revealed (as a nice guy).

Claude in conversation with Torrin Douglas (Mirroring?)

I'm not a big fan of The Apprentice (UK or USA versions) but do recall having seen the CV/Interview episode from one of the UK series and remember it as being the interview from Hell.

Well yesterday I went along to Ealing's University for one of their 'Public Lectures'  to hear the guy, Claude Littner  who conducted the interview talking about his life in business, his relationship with Lord Sugar and what he's doing now.

In fact Claude was revealed as a nice guy who had started his career doing a business  sandwich course at what was at the  time (I think) Ealing College - the 'meat' of the course (perhaps) was work at Lucas (who manufactured for the car industry) in nearby Acton - as he spoke about the petty management (while 'stealing' of stock was rife - reminded me of the old style of work.

Claude has now taken over from Nick on the Apprentice and relaxes more but he was  an incredibly focused individual he now actively supports the business school at UWL which takes his name.

After the talk he signed copies of his book (Single Minded)  - there was a long queue- so business was good

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