Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Parr Connection

Martin Parr (Photographer) has only been on my radar for about 2 years or so (during OPEN Ealing sessions)  - fair to say though he's a pretty big figure in the contemporary photography scene.
Photo's & Paintings in Pop Up

Since then he's (or rather his work)  cropped up a few times for me - on TV's Artsnight, at Tate's 'Performing for the Camera', at Barbican show he curated and at London's Guildhall where there was an exhibition of his own work.

Having said that it was really great to find that a most charming  acquaintance met through Ealing's BEAT knew (well) Martin and his work, Nigel (for it is he) told me a bit more about him yesterday in the Pop Up shop and even went as far as flattering me by offering input on my own process and buying a print.

Lucky Lips - the print chosen by Nigel

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