Friday, November 18, 2016

From the Flaming Pie to Chasing Deer

Yesterday at the the Pop-Up nice to welcome some friends and have a nice atmosphere going.

And the beat

As well as providing a great source of music Chasing Deer (great video here) were very forthcoming about their trajectory on the Music scene.

Very impressed at how switched on they are (note the branded jumpers!)

I heard (again) the other day how John Lennon said the name Beatles came from a Flaming Pie and (alternatively) they liked the name the 'Crickets' (thinking initially but wrongly that it related to the sport and the creatures) - and coming up with Beatles about Beats and the creatures)

Clever move to take their name from a viral video to get maximum impact and blimey they've really made the name their own!

Also found that their strategy is to pursue live work as well as getting the recorded music to bring them money - what they said is that there's a real move back to physical media and itunes is not the only show in town (part of the vinyl resurgence).

They're a available for a variety of functions and you might just see them busking - they've got an experienced Svengali behind them in Geoff Langston - so hope it all works for them.


And together a very good and full sound
(Apparently the event when I first saw them outside JD Sports in Ealing was from when they first started West London performing.)
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