Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Excitement at New Home of Design Museum (Kensington, London)

A lot to do before the doors are thrown open.

Yesterday I spent most of the day finding out about the New Design Museum ( an improved bigger and more accessible version of the Design Museum  that was Shad Thames for 25 years).

During multiple presentations I learnt a fair amount about the improvements, the way exhibitions will be staged and  the catering experience. (and about how it was started and supported by Sir Terrence Conran, he of Habitat fame).

At the heart of the new Museum are it's values Provocative, Collaborative, Enterprising and for the visitors Welcoming.

The operation is a 7 day a week one and it'll be open 10 to 6 every day (excepting Christmas Day and Boxing Day).

Old favourites such as Design of the year will continue at the Designers in Residence will even have a place to work.

Unlike many London Museums the Design Museum generates the vast majority of its income from its own activities and ticket/membership, other revenues of course includes  money from the 2 retail outlets and publishing along with events and sponsorship.

Education is one of the reasons for the Museum's existence and will be at the centre of the new centre (they're involved with an MA in conjunction with nearby Kingston University).

In fact the Museum is filling a void in what is covered by the V&A being about historic design rather than contemporary.

So good luck to the people working so hard to make it happen and promote Design.

(Nice to see the Eduardo Paolozzi statue's made it to the new home too - Head of Invention).

 Creative head - It's moved with the Museum 

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