Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hygiene factors and measuring our progress

Helicopters - who would have thought it would fly?
A couple of times a year I get a flurry of financial notices about my money - despite all the gloom of Brexit the last year does not seem a disaster.

When I studied for my MBA I came across the concept (in economic terms) of the Hygiene factor.

The idea (to paraphrase) is that once you've got what you need for basic 'needs' other stuff is superfluous - as one gets older it does seem to ring true.

Not a great place to live

In fact too much can be a problem in itself.

My car is well past being a shiny showroom model but I have no desire to renew (unless it becomes unreliable) -and  it feels I have enough 'stuff' to keep me amused for a few lifetimes

Many of us look at our relevant  peer groups and see where we sit and when younger it struck me as being a reasonable way of judging my life but it didn't take into account any form of contentment (which was not an issue) or even physical health.

It's odd too that we see money in different terms -for the last year or so I've enjoyed a free newspaper at Waitrose when I spent £5 (weekdays) sadly now I need to spend £10 and that slightly irritates whereas larger sums I often just shrug off.

In less than a years time (all being well) I'll have travel concessions and this is something I'm looking forward to and will add to my 'hygiene'.

Talking of Hygiene factors - I've not tried it as yet but I like the concept of a Naughty Roti - and I'll give it a spin next time I see it.

I wonder if it's Nice too?

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