Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hey... That's No Way To Say Goodbye

A recording artist for 40+ years
Back in the  1960's and 1970s there used to be some great 'Sampler' albums one I found amazing was  called Rock Machine I love You -  (1968!) one of the (many) stands out tracks was by Leonard and I'm not sure if it was via this and Tom Fawcett or listening to a  (45) Single played at school (by the free spirited John Holles - son of writer Robert)  that I was introduced to the delights of the bed sit troubadour.

Fast forward to the early 80's and my pleasure at listening to this singer-songwriter was reawakened in the company of future environmentalist Mike Coe  and we saw the man live - he was not it seemed  in a good place (Play Lady Midnight yelled out one audience member several times).

And he did novels too 

Life continued for Len he did a spot of Zen got engaged to the beautiful Rebecca de Mornay and was diddled out of several million dollars by his (unsurprisingly female)  manager - back on the road in his 70s the Mojo was rediscovered and luckily Debbie and I saw this at a couple of absolutely brilliant concerts ( London's O2 and Wembley gigs).

Last month another album but he's now taken his final encore - we've still got his wit and lyrical precision to reflect on - so a loss but a great body of work for us all to enjoy.

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