Saturday, November 05, 2016

Brexit troubles (Enemies of the People) and more prep

Catching part of an old comedy show (on Dave perhaps) - 8 out of 10 Cats and  Liam Fox story caused much hilarity.

If we're looking closely at the judges involved in the recent court decision to say that the government needs Parliamentary oversight perhaps we  should  look at the histories of the 'Big 3' government ministers who are responsible for getting us out of the EU, Boris Johnson removed from his Times  job for the untruths .

Liam Fox MP was forced to resign when he  took along his friend Adam Werrity  inappropriately  to defence meetings.
David Davis MP who it seems was quite free and easy with expenses for his constituency home is perhaps the most honest of the group- I wonder if the Daily Mail will produce a headline call them enemies? 

More Pictures

Busy making up labels now.

A picture that  I like to consider the Red Lantern district of London's Chinatown

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