Friday, November 04, 2016

EAG 101st Exhibition and Flaming Cow

Art and Artists at Ealing Town Hall
Nice to be able to take advantage of our invitation to EAG's 101st exhibition at The Town Hall yesterday - concur with the sentiments in the opening announcement on how the year has disappeared so quickly.

Spike 2 by John Kaye

Odd to think so much has happened in that year, politically London has a new Mayor and we're on our out of the EU (more on that shortly) . On a bigger scale the planet continues to heat .

Some nice work from John Kaye, upcoming exhibition collaborator Helen Trevisiol Duff and Eileen Reding (as well as lots of people I know less well) - if you're in the area over the next 3 days go and take a look (Ealing Town Hall) admission is free.

Flaming Cow

A place for a dirty burger

After we'd had a good look around we decided to go and have what might be described I suppose as one of those 'Dirty Burgers' - new-ish place called Flaming Cow (one of two branches so far).

Very nice burger - reasonable prices interesting selection of drinks and  good friendly service probably won't be too long before we're back.
[I'd like to see this and other restaurants giving complimentary 'digestifs' or at very least mints - small cost but helps to make an impression.]
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