Saturday, November 19, 2016

Around the World In Ealing's Bond Street

So after too tours of duty in the Bond Street Pop Up - I've realised that this is the road if you need to look beautiful or have something to eat - it's got 3 places for Pizza personal favourite and a Red - Nando's.

A place for great Chicken

Express to the Pizza

From Vietnam to Spain- From Japan to Italy.

Take a walk down Ealing's Bond Street and you've got a road made up of many eateries from the Grilled meat  of Flaming Cow to the delicacies of Pho - it's a right old 'Smorgasbord' - when you're tired or Bond Street W5 you're tired of eating.

Fancy a burger?

Why not take a trip to Japan?

So after you've had a lovely w/e lunch pop in to the Pop Up that Helen and I are curating until 22nd November.

Last few days
Come on in

(Oddly I think we've been to them all and yes we're going to one tonight it's Spain/Bond Street we're visiting  La Rueda de Tapas).

Tonight's venue

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