Saturday, November 26, 2016

In the Orchard Café and localism

A Menu for Heroes
So yesterday after a great morning at the new Design Museum's home a real treat in the shape of a rather special dining occasion at nearby (to me) Orchard Café.

We had an invitation (somewhat out of the blue) to be part of a tasting experience - and if you look art the menu you can see it's something out of the ordinary (and their were two amuse bouches as well).

The bread (homemade of course) and butter (more surprisingly  also home made) were a revelation but for me favourite was the desert  (Trip to the Laundrette) could easily have graced one of those foodie banquet we've seen on TV and a nice back story too.

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There are I think we'd all agree plenty of cafés around - some do a great Coffee others offer nice pastries and a light lunch - well Orchard Café does that and a tremendous amount more - you've got a great place to meet and local artists work adorns the space - plus you're helping great kitchen talent - like young maverick chef  Vix.

Oh yes the company was good too

Local art adds to the ambience 

It's fair to say that Mandie who is behind much of what happens at OPEN Ealing (Arts) and the Orchard Café is always up for a challenge and as a consequence has achieved a lot.

The thing is the initiatives like this one and the work of others who promote local talent and business often go unnoticed - operations like #MakeitEaling do bring people and ideas together.

Localism -Ealing Christmas Fair

And talking of supporting local - if you're in Ealing come along to Mount Carmel School (a place not an instruction) - OPEN Ealing will be there and I'll be supporting them from 12:00 to 4:00 pm

Hope to see you there 

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