Monday, November 07, 2016

Diwali (Religion after Red?)

Inside an English  Christian Church 
Having had a year of my Red Project - I've been thinking of a new topic and at the head of the queue for the 365 treatment is 'Faith and Belief'', before I plunge in I'm casting an eye around at religions and working out an approach.

Of course I'd like to cover the big religions and their festivals but also it'd be good to look at some of the lesser known branches and consider how they relate to people and their needs.

In West London we have many  places of worship that are now used by faiths that they were not built for.

Diwali has just finished and I see that this is a festival for Hindus and it's about the victory of light over darkness and in modern times has become something of an excuse for consumer heavy behaviour (having said that the end of the festival is about giving and charity too).

Although  mainly a Hindu occasion it's also significant for others who celebrate it like Sikhs, Buddhists and followers of Jainism 

Lights at a local temple highlight the recent Diwali Festival 

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