Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Somerset House and Red 231

Somerset House- An altogether different use now
Yesterday I managed to pull in a visit to Somerset House, famously the location for the 'Mandarins' that ran the British empire for many years - it's now being put to an altogether different use housing the Courtauld Institute and many other artistic endeavours.

I visited two fantastic and very different exhibitions.

The first area I looked at was about Graffiti and was called  Venturing Beyond, a real variety of items around the theme.(more on the Museum of Innocence very soon)

The only emergency is the absence of emergency (2015) Filippo Minelli

A nice picture
A load of vests

Red 231

I suppose the red's about the Chilli element here (and the rooster)

A red Nando's logo and sign

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