Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Help with Creativity and Red 237

At Tate Britain yesterday and (not too surprisingly I suppose) Creativity was a topic for conversation - In fact the idea that Creativity comes from nothing is rejected by many who consider how new directions and impulses surface.
A wide topic

Some figures that I think of in connection with this topic are:

Brian Eno (here talking at length about process, art and more)
Austin Kleon (A sharing advocate, wise beyond his years read both of his 2 books, so-far)
Keri Smith - (a favourite as well as a groundbreaker for young and old)
Noah Scalin (I'm still evoking his 365 journal)

It was a visit that took in a second traversal of Artist & Empire, its a large impressive 'wrap' of the cultural impact, by nature incomplete and controversial- let's face it we're still very much living with the consequences.

For me much of the 'Art' was not of my own taste and there was much that might fit into the British Museum but the story requires a certain type of content - the final room works well as a conclusion to the exhibition showing how the culture is now coming back to the 'Motherland'.
What it says on the label

Red 237

And of course talking of Noah Scalin..
Sadly -Not for everyone but nevertheless red

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