Friday, March 18, 2016

Adventures in Art and Design along with Red 228

National Gallery Come May, I'll be looking in  not out  
 In London to say we're spoilt with respect to the galleries and Museums is a severe understatement.

My current course at CityLit (Philosophy ) finishes next week and I have decided to have a change in subject and location - the idea of being shown (and explained) works at The National Gallery seems too good a chance to ignore - the guy leading the adventure (Leslie Primo) seems to know his stuff and the timing (Thursday Afternoons) suits me very well - really looking forward to the kick off in May.

Design Goes West

Current Designs of the Year exhibition

On the subject of Museums and the like the news that Design Museum (where I was on Wednesday doing some 'guiding') is relocating to Kensington has been in the public domain for some time - Closure this summer at Shad, Thames is  now out there and the re-opening at new bigger and better home in Kensington will be late November.

It's going to be bigger and better but time will tell if they need volunteer tour guides.

Red 228

A Lotus that's red - it screams Sports (perhaps)

one for Tracie Chapman
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