Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Beatles connection in Plymouth and Red 216

Last day we spent time at gift shops -and I got a print of Beatles visit to Plymouth in 1967  ( during the filming of the Magical Mystery Tour they visited) - there's a sort shrine to it now.
Plymouth's a mixture of old and new

So our general reaction to Plymouth is a good one - plenty going on, some nice restaurants and 'arty' shops as well as a fair amount of cultural activity.

In terms of the rail service - glad that we had booked seats as the return train was very full, sadly GWR not such a bargain with the premium service plenty of coffee and crisps etc. but nothing more - WiFi limited too (no streaming)  and I'd been hoping for a green train- service was more or less on time (and this is generally more down to Network Rail).

Sadly as with most major cities in the UK there's some evidence of homelessness, lots of empty shops (as I think a result of continuously building new retail centres), also pavements a bit uneven and needing some attention.
Hotel reception area - away from the butts

Considering that the weather wasn't great our impression of the place was pretty good - if the sun had come out a bity more we'd have had a go on the 'Pitch and Putt' too -We're not sure if the sun dial works but it's big and metal.

Sadly untested by us

Our Hotel (Holiday Inn) was so-so but a rather bad first impression as a result of the smoking area being at front of hotel, plenty of smokers and cigarette rubbish does not create a great impression.
A very laid back style on cleaning of rooms too.- on the plus side reception was efficient and breakfast good.

Not sure if it's just for Easter but a bunch of quirkiness too with these artificial sheep 'grazing

Red 216

is it only Red sofas that get thrown out?

I'll only go So far

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