Saturday, March 12, 2016

Next project perhaps? An unhelpful straitjacket - and Red 234

A Staff pick!
When I was in Foyles the other day I saw this and am, I must say intrigued, I don't think it'll make money for me  more a question of how much it'll cost me, but I like the idea of adding it to my experiences..

The idea it creates happiness is (I think) cool too.

Find out more Here

The Happiness bonus is an added something

The Chancellor's Straitjacket

Much as I feel the fixed term government was ill advised, I feart that the idea of a commitment to no increase in NI (National Insurance) or Income Tax for the present government is folly and an example of crude electioneering that will distort other revenue raising arrangements.

It seems that the prevailing economic outlook is not as George Osborne anticipated a few short months ago and along with the humiliating defeat in the Lords our chancellor has had to go back to look at how he might raise more money for the exchequer - the rumour is that answer is a heavy handed attack on the Insurance industry and policy holders - possibly pushing those at the margin to reduce or  do away with the coverage of various policies - is this what the Conservative party is about - reducing top rate income tax and increasing insurance premiums? (I fear the answer is it is)

Red 234

I thought these dated back to WWII and had an association with 'V' for Victory type Winston Churchill stuff but far older - check it

A favourite from my childhood and still used when my throat is sore

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