Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Covent Garden, Energy issues and Red 238

A few years ago Covent Garden was a regular meeting spot for me and a friend from my teenage/early 20s  years - there was generally quite a buzz, nice places to eat and drink and a good mix  of people.

Punch & Judy-A pint and a view
Please to see when I walked through that it's not looking too down at heel and remains attractive to tourists and locals - street performers practising in nearby St Pauls (not that one)
A juggler in the zone

A St Pauls that was new to me

UK Energy issues

We've heard some worrying things about Energy generation of late with large scale redundancies at German  owned Npower.
The company says in statements about upcoming redundancies 'Npower takes its responsibilities to its employees seriously'  - I reckon that these would sound like hollow words if you were an employee.

The other energy company story that's hitting the headlines is the Hinkley nuclear  generation project headed up by EDF with important Chinese involvement - the guaranteed (by UK Government) price for the energy is already looking high but it seems that this is still giving concern to the EDF number crunchers.

The problems associated with 'Keeping the lights on' are that projects take a long time to deliver (and often overrun) and that the investment sums are enormous - many of us like the idea around projects like the one under discussion in Swansea bay but so far many of these are unproven in terms of large scale generation.

Red 238

I'm not sure how Mary Beard would feel about this! There's no (subtle) concealment taking place but a statement/intention of some sort is being made,
Probably not a natural 'Red-head'

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