Saturday, March 05, 2016

Real charity collectors and Red 241

Marie Curie is a charity that has done well in its distinct daffodil  association, their getting towards to owning a piece of 'Spring' the way the poppy appeal has Autumn connotations.
Charity - The real deal

What a charity like this does with its collecting is also get back to the basics it's not about paid students pestering on the high street it's about supporters putting themselves out for a cause they support.

Glad to be Grey

Going Grey - there's been a fair bit of coverage around Mary Beard's hair of late (BBC Radio 4 show here), to me the fact that she chooses to have her hair as she does is her business but I'm not sure that it's such a big issue, I'm not surprised that people want to present themselves in the best light they can, everything we do with our appearance (both sexes) sends out messages about us - the idea that as we mature we would intentionally look older than we need to (within limits) does seem counter intuitive to me.

Red 241

Much taken with this - lots of lucky lanterns on show in London's Chinatown

A sea of lanterns bring colour to  a wintery skyline

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