Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Museum of Innocence at Somerset House along with Red 230

The other exhibition I saw yesterday at Somerset House was called the Museum of Innocence and very good it was too.
A visit is strangely magical

The conceit was that on show is a number of display cabinets related to a romance situated in Istanbul Turkey.

In fact the display cabinets are from a museum  that was conceived at the same time as the story by Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk.

The items shown are bewitching and woven to make a narrative, low lighting adds to the atmosphere.

Having seen the exhibition I'm reminded of people who are no longer in my own life, I'd like to do something similar to construct an assemblage - but to do something so splendid would be quite a challenge (it would have been my fathers 96th birthday today - it's odd how little we know of people who are our models in life, I often think of Graham Swift's book, Shuttlecock about this topic).
And outside
   Inside the Courtyard Rooms at Somerset House

If you get a chance do visit the Museum of Innocence and let me know if it has a pull for you as it did for me (and if you've read the book what do you reckon?)

Red 230

Much (beloved and feared too) the Dalek is available in different colours including Red.
A high up Dalek

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