Monday, March 21, 2016

How do we Create something 'new' and Red 225

Mead on show - and it's  probably not IDS on the right
At UAL Mead Scholarships in Holborn today.

 Recently I've been considering how movements and periods of creativity have flourished - Brian Eno described well the benefit of perspective and seeing that at the time of Kandinsky coming to the for he was not alone in Abstract art, many of similar competence and originality failed to become recognised/commercially successful - often it's a fine line between the winner and the also-rans but this is not to say that the less remembered are without merit.
Victoria's film about her mum and the rising oceans 

Famously it is said that Van Gogh sold only one of his paintings during his life and was supported largely by his brother.

Looking at the stuff on show today, there was a lot I liked from the film Victoria Burns made about her mum (Tinau)   to the Mars journey imagined by Monica Alcazar-Duarte (Far Future) - it's difficult to say if they'll be in galleries in 25 years but they're undoubtedly moving things on and worth looking at while they're relevant and contemporary.

But it is Adrian Chiles at Ealing Broadway

Red 225

Today last day of current CityLit investigation/course - this at Holborn - sometimes we'd like one of these but even then it could be a blur and we miss it.

I couldn't

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