Friday, March 25, 2016

Digital Art and Red 221

Digital Art (1)

Just heard a rather nice BBC radio 4 documentary presented by (Baroness) Martha Lane-Fox called Arts Technologica - you can find the relevant programme links here.

Digital Art (2)

I'm thinking about what I'd like to show at this September's BEAT and as well as planning in my head it's nice to see the sequence of pictures.

Tamron the makers of lenses  have a nice little (free) tool that I've been looking at for planning exhibition layouts - it's not perfect but it does help visualise a sequence of pictures.

A virtual gallery showing my photo's

Pop Art

there've been a few deaths from the popular music world so far in 2016 - the figure that has left(for me) the biggest impression in popular music is Sir George Martin - I've read some of the obituaries to him and realise that it's pretty difficult to overestimate his significance in 'The Beatles Story' but alongside his creativity is the fact that he behaved so well.

Martin remained loyal and avoided backbiting as well as being a nice person who excelled it seems at making a mean Martini - I don't think we'll see a popular music producer like him again.

Red 221

Numbers, numbers- Lucky Red 447 - from my Landscape visit on Wednesday

A lucky red

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