Friday, March 11, 2016

Craft in our homes and Red 235

When I was a youngster there were no IKEAs (or Habitat or similar) - Furnishing and fittings were meant to last and second hand or things passed along  from within the family were very much order of the day - this did give some continuity and there was also an approach that included restoration and repair.
That's quite a table

Programmes like Changing Rooms (as an example) were (I think) the antipathy of these ideas- sadly now the stories we have around the objects in our homes are more likely to be 'I found it on Amazon at a great price than I got this from a great aunt when she moved into a home' or 'it's from a market and I restored it'.

In town the other day and saw this establishment (below) made me wonder how they can make a living and what people would shop there.
At least something of a story

Red 235

Sounds like the Wild West

but it's only the Wild West End (of London)

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