Sunday, March 06, 2016

More on retail and Red 240

Street Performers add ambience
One of the things that rang a bell with me around the recent coverage of Mary Beard's grey hair was the revelation that hairdressers have a very big interest in the colouring of hair.
I had for a while assumed that hairdressers, particularly women's  were well protected against recession and technological change, scratching the surface of course it becomes clear this is not the case - if money's tight increasing the time between cuts from 6 to 7 weeks will hit the bottom line of many establishments pretty hard and the charges for tinting/coloring can be quite  substantial - hairdressers (and their suppliers)  want women to spend money on their appearances.
In London Chinese New Year brings visitors

It's not just for women either the move away from men having  a daily shave at the local barbers has altered that business too - a fashion for long hair means less cuts as well - the growth of  beards even hits retailers like Boot's and manufactures like Gillette who are selling less blades, they may promote 'beard oil' and other grooming extras but it's not going to fill that blade revenue hole.

 So this weeks' 'news' that retail is going to change its pattern of employment is not too much of a surprise to me, those in the business and those who shop - but the changes could be faster and bigger than many anticipate.

I, for one as well as having adjusted to 'customer driven payment  tills' am using online increasingly - if I shop its often as an 'experience' where I can engage (positively) with the process and surround myself with kindred spirits in a pleasant atmosphere - a shopping trip is now linked to a snack or meal as a default - perhaps the next step is to make these 'comfort' breaks something more either approaching entertainment or linked to a 21st century salon.

I'd be really interested to hear from people who have been part of something that goes beyond the mall or farmers'  market- an event they'd happily be part of on a regular basis- we'll see if I find out something that's not a book or food festival but is driving retail footfall.

Red 240

A bookmaker with a red sign

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