Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Performing for the Camera and Red 244

A person/s, inadvertently  doing as described
Tate Modern -If you've seen much of my Blog you'll know I like taking pictures/have an interest in photography - so it won't be a surprise to find that I've visited the Performing For The Camera exhibition.
If you don't like photo's - Yes but is it Art?

It's a big show and I wouldn't be surprised if I make a return to have another bite of the cherry - shouldn't be a problem as it's on until mid-June.

I found it rather nice to have a companion and to compare our 'notes' with one another  as we went around.

The show is about lots of things (for me anyway) but the central theme is the record of performances of one type or another and to this extent the pictures do record these events but they feel often a little empty and the emotion is abstracted (perhaps something that photography favours).

I unlike many am  'happier' with colour than black and white (perhaps for the same reason - less emotion more disengagement) - I also favour humour and some of the pictures on show were humorous - like the stills from imagined films and the posed self portraiture photo's of Samuel Fosso.

My favourite works (perhaps not surprisingly) were those of Martin Parr (Framed Auto Portraits -again self portraiture with humour) the overall effect is again something about technology and even alienation but it feels like there's a wry smile in there too.

Lots of stuff from the far east on show too - some seemed too heavy but I liked the work by Keiji Uematsu - Stone/Rope/Man II 1(974).

Of course there were pieces attributed to Warhol and Man Ray - I was particularly happy to see the Duchamp alter ego Rrose Sélavy  - perhaps the source for Nick Pearson's Connie Sparks?

All in all a pretty expensive tour of photography of record and if you don't like this so much more to enjoy at the gallery/ies.

Red 244

More red transport - who owns the scooter a budget conscious commuter, a laddish mod or a retro hipster?
Another red transport - this one of Mod tribe though

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